Anaheim Lions Baseball — For the Love of Sportsmanship

Nostalgia & Community

I remember my days as a kid were spent playing baseball in Anaheim. I loved the smells of the dirt being kicked around paired with the sounds of the city and my teammates. One of the most important parts of baseball was the brotherhood that it fostered. Regardless of race, age, or ability I found out how important sticking up for each member of the team was. After all, without the shortstop or the pitcher (regardless of whether or not you liked them) you were nothing.

Even as I grew older, I found teams to play on. In middle school and high school, some of my team members of yesteryear followed me. Even as I got older and went on to play in the local adult team, I found that my brotherhood was never separated. I don’t think anything can contribute to the same community spirit quite like a team sport, and that was amplified for me through baseball. Therefore, now that I am older, I plan on keeping the spirit of Anaheim baseball alive through this web page.

Who Are We

Our page is made up of a number of baseball enthusiasts based out of Anaheim. However, Larry Bondeson (who is writing this as we speak) is the owner and operator of the site. Larry played baseball all through his childhood and into college and has since coached all of his children’s teams. Based out of Anaheim, California, our site brings only the latest and greatest Anaheim baseball and softball news, as well as informed opinions about America’s favorite past time. We want to provide informed opinions as well as get them, so we are always looking for contributors to our blog. If you have a passion for baseball, we want to hear about it. 

Why Baseball is Important

In this culture of cell phones and internet, the meaning of community has gotten fuzzy. Of course, there are online communities, but studies have shown that those communities are just not the same as the interpersonal communication that older generations used to get through sports and clubs. As a parent, as a baseball enthusiast, and as someone who values face-to-face interaction, I think that it is crucial to keep sports like baseball alive. It not only provides a structured opportunity for kids to grow and learn values, but it brings the families of those kids together.

We are happy to respond to any comments, questions, or concerns you may have about the website. To reach out to us, click this link. Enjoy Anaheim Lions Baseball and thank you for visiting.