The Benefits of Having a Pitching Machine

Pitching Machines and Success

As the world begins to produce more and more technology that is meant to benefit those who surround it, sports teams should absolutely jump on the technological band wagon. While community is still important, and should not be put on a back burner because of the uprising of technology in our nation, it should be used to supplement the practices that are already in place for a structured and regulated practice. Studies have shown that supplementing traditional practice with time spent at the batting cages can improve overall player function. While pitching machines are not the best investments for all people and players, it is good to consider whether or not it might be right for your team.

Is a Pitching Machine Worth it?

There are many things to ask yourself before considering buying a pitching machine. Some of these questions include:

  1. Am I an individual or a head of a team?
    If you are an individual player, buying a pitching machine is rarely worth the money. There are batting cages and gyms with the equipment that will allow you to maintain your swing. Another thing to consider is if you are part of a team, asking your coach about “swinging” to purchase pitching machine equipment might be the right idea for you. If you are a coach, especially a coach for a college team, buying a pitching machine is almost always worth the money. It will save you and your players time and money.
  2. Will it help my players?
    For teams that play professionally, a pitching machine will only be a supplement to regular practice. It is good for professional teams to practice pitching off of an actual human being, because this allows them to work on predicting human factors in relation to pitching. However, if you are the head of a developing team (like a little league or a high school) obtaining a pitching machine will help young players develop their skills.
  3. Will it be a waste of money?
    As an individual, buying a pitching machine is a definite investment. However, when buying for a large group, this investment almost always equals out. 


While there are arguments going both ways about the benefits or dangers of owning a pitching machine, I always go by that age old rule — practice makes perfect. While pitching machines cannot ever replace the human element in baseball, they can strengthen necessary skills for the game. Click here to see what a pitching machine might cost and browse different models.